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Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations – Maui’s Best Beaches

If you are looking for Hawaii beach wedding locations, Maui has some of the best. With many of the least crowded beaches of all the Hawaiian Islands, Maui is a mecca for beach wedding in Hawaii. Lets take a look at some of the best beach locations in Hawaii on the island of Maui.

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Po’olenalena Beach

Po’olenalena Beach is located in South Maui close to all the major Wailea resorts just off of Wailea Alanui Drive heading south towards Makena. This golden sand beach has two sides. The first side you immediately walk onto which is quite large and busy in the afternoons, but there is also a secret side of the beach that isn’t that much of a secret. The secret side of Po’olenalen Beach is just down a short path to the right, which is a little treacherous if your not very sure-footed. The secret side of Po’olenalena is a great Hawaii beach wedding location because it doesn’t see much foot traffic in the morning or at sunset during prime wedding times.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations - Po'olenalena Beach

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations - Po'olenalena Beach






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Polo Beach

Polo Beach is located in Makena Hawaii directly in front of the Fairmont Kea Lani Hotel and the Polo Beach Club condos. This beach can be quite busy, but if you are staying at the Fairmont, this is a great location for a beach wedding close to your hotel. This beach has darker colored golden sand and is great for morning weddings, because people are not usually out and about from the hotel yet. Polo Beach can be quite busy for sunset weddings because of the large hotel that sits behind this beach. If your planning a sunset wedding on Polo Beach be prepared for clapping and cheering as you say “i do” from the crowd of on-lookers on the beach.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations Polo Beach.Hawaii Beach Wedding Location Polo BeachSee more information and images of Hawaii Wedding Location Polo Beach in Maui here: Polo Beach


 South Side Beach

South Side Beach is not really called South Side Beach at all. South Side Beach was renamed by a vendor to keep it as private as possible even though it is a public beach. This beach is nestled close to some gorgeous Wailea resorts, but is hidden if you don’t know just were to look. Because of its elusiveness this beach remains quite uncrowded and as private as can be, considering all of Maui’s beaches are public property. South Side Beach has a nice long stretch of golden sand, great green backdrops and is located perfectly for the sun to set below the horizon in the distance. This beach is one of the favorite locations for Maui beach weddings by wedding coordinator Simple Maui Wedding.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations South Side BeachHawaii Beach Wedding Location South Side Beach

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Maluaka Beach

Maluaka beach sits right in front of the Makena Beach and Golf resort in Wailea. When standing on this beach facing the water you get gorgeous views of the uninhabited island of Kahoʻolawe and famed snorkeling spot Molokini Crater. This Hawaii beach wedding location is the perfect fit if staying at the near by resort or if you are looking for a beach that is very quiet and intimate, because of its location farther away from the main resort area.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations Maluaka BeachHawaii Beach Wedding Location Maluaka Beach

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Lahaina Shores Beach

Lahaina Shores Beach is located at the south end of Front Street right in front of the Lahaina Shores Condos. This cute little beach is quite small from back to front, but is nice and long from side to side. Even though this beach isn’t very big it has lots of fun little photo ops such as canoes, a gorgeous old rock wall and good opportunities to catch passing boats in the background of wedding photos. This beach is extremely convenient if you are having a wedding on the west side of Maui, but has dark colored sand so don’t plan on any super blue water in your photos.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations Lahaina Shores BeachHawaii Beach Wedding Location Lahaina Shores Beach

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 Ironwoods Beach

Ironwoods beach is located in Kapalua, Maui just north of  Kapalua Bay. This breathtaking beach has tons of gorgeous attributes such as large rock cliffs, gorgeous white sand and often has epic lighting at sunset. Be aware that the wind can howl at this beach, so if you plan on getting married here get an up-do!!! If staying in or around Kapalua this is a great beach choice with easy parking and a nice walkway down to the beach.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations Ironwoods BeachHawaii Beach Wedding Location Ironwoods Beach


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DT Fleming Beach

Dt Fleming Beach is by far one of the most gorgeous beaches on the west side of Maui. Sitting directly in front of the Ritz Carlton in Kapalua this beach has it all: long gorgeous white sand beach, great green backdrops and various rock outcroppings making it a breathtaking Hawaii beach wedding location. This beach often has rainbows in the morning, but with rainbows does come light rain which can make it a little iffy on your wedding day, especially in the rainier winter time.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations Dt FlemingHawaii Beach Wedding Location Dt Fleming

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Baldwin Beach

Baldwin Beach is located on Maui’s north shore just before famous Maui, Hawaii surfing town Paia. If you are looking for vibrant aqua blue water in a Hawaii wedding location you need a morning wedding at Baldwin Beach. In the morning the sun shines off the gorgeous white sand through the crystal clear blue water giving you that aqua colored water look you want in Hawaii wedding photos.  The wind picks up after ten, so a morning wedding start time around 8 am is perfect.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations Baldwin BeachHawaii Beach Wedding Location Baldwin Beach

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Kanaha Beach

Kanaha Beach is kind of an unknown when it comes to Hawaii beach wedding locations, but it is gorgeous! Much like Baldwin beach Kanaha has gorgeous aqua colored water, beautiful white sand and also gets windy around 10 am. What Kanaha Beach has that all the others don’t is the amazing West Maui Mountain vistas, which are a photographers dream and make you look like you are in a postcard from paradise.

Hawaii Beach Wedding Locations Kanaha BeachHawaii Beach Wedding Location Kanaha Beach

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Huge thanks to Karma Hill from Photography by Karma Hill for the amazing wedding images! You awesome :)

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