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Getting Married in Hawaii – Beach or Venue?

So it’s been decided, your getting married in Hawaii.

Do you want to get married at the beach  a venue or hotel?

Getting Married on the Beach in Hawaii

Here are two factors to consider when choosing between getting married on the beach or a venue/hotel:

  1. Price
  2. Wedding Look, Feel and Logistics

Price: Beach or Venue

Beach Wedding

The most affordable wedding option, while still extremely beautiful, is a Simple Maui Wedding on the beach.  When most people think of getting married in Hawaii, they have a picture of themselves walking down an isle made of rose petals with waves crashing in the background and palm trees in the distance. Besides a Hawaii wedding permit, which your coordinator will get for you, there are no additional fees besides the cost of your particular wedding package from the vendor of your choosing.

Venue/Hotel Wedding

If you are planning a venue or hotel wedding for getting married in Hawaii, be prepared to spend some serious cash. Just renting a small grassy area on the grounds of a hotel costs around $1,500.00 for two hours, and you haven’t rented any chairs, arch or anything. Venue and hotel weddings in Hawaii range from $1,500 – $100,000 it just depends what you want and need.

Wedding Look, Feel and Logistics


The look and feel of a beach wedding while getting married in Hawaii is usually quite calm and very hands off. There is not a whole lot of pieces to coordinate to make your wedding experience on the beach go off without a hitch. If you choose the right wedding professionals to work with you can just show up about 20 minutes before the ceremony and it will turn out perfect.


The look and feel of a venue or hotel wedding can still be a wonderful experience, but you need to be willing to put in the time for the planning. Even if you have a planner you will get constant emails with decisions that need to be made. There are many more details to be orchestrated to make your venue/hotel wedding come off without a hitch. Just a few things to think about are: table decorations, where will your wedding be on the grounds of the location, seating arrangements, menu choices, staying within your budget, photographer choices, minister choices, music, foral etc. etc.

Figuring out where to get married in Hawaii can be as easy or complicated as you want it to be. Usually the complexity of the wedding has to do with if you choose to get married on the beach, a venue or hotel.

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