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Get Married in Hawaii Without the Stress

People wanting to get married in Hawaii often believe it is a difficult process, which is the complete opposite of reality.  If you start planning a wedding close to home you will quickly see how many, so called “helpers” you will have making decisions about “your special day”; now that is stressful. Find out why having a Hawaii wedding can be more stress free than any other wedding destination in the world and a few tips and trick along the way.

Hawaii has Tons of Seasoned Wedding Professionals

Weddings happen in Hawaii 12 months of the year compared with 3-5 months per year in most other states, giving wedding vendors in Hawaii tons of practice. Having a Hawaii wedding coordinator take care of all the details works excellent as they know all of the best vendors and make the planning extremely simplistic. A seasoned wedding coordination company like Simple Maui Wedding has seen it all: topical storms, rain, high winds, high surf and wardrobe malfunctions. Maui wedding coordinator Marissa Mendoza of Simple Maui Wedding says, “you just deal with situations as they come, some times nature has different plans, but it just takes a little bit of rearranging and it all turns out amazing”!!

get married in hawaiiRelax in Paradise for a Few Days Before your Wedding

Keep from stressing yourself out before your wedding by showing up a few days before your ceremony and just unwind. Take your mind off real life, have a few Mai Tai’s and take in some of the natural beauty. It’s a sure fire way to burn off pre-wedding stress.

Brides Send your Dress Early

When you get married in Hawaii it is a good idea to send your wedding dress ahead of you and get it pressed. This way you know for sure it isn’t going to get damaged or lost on the plane. The same thing goes for men, if you have a special suit you will be wearing, ship it. Shipping it early just takes any unwanted stress out of the equation.

Have your Ceremony Close to Your Accommodations

Having your ceremony close to your accommodations is a simple way to make sure no one is late to the ceremony. Try to get a group rate where you are staying and get rooms blocked off if possible.

Getting Married at Home

When getting married in your home town you often run into the, “to many cooks in the kitchen” adage, since everyone has an idea about how your wedding should look. When having a wedding in Hawaii you can really make it yours rather than having to appease other people like: mom, mother-in-law, grandma and that is just figuring out the location. Next try to plan the menu, floral, dress and wedding colors and sometimes fights break out. Once you bring in all of the other factors (people, emotions, ideas) planning a wedding close to home is much more difficult than getting married in Hawaii. I say, “hop on a plane and leave that all behind and head for warmer weather and bluer skies”!!!!

In Conclusion

If you really want to get married in Hawaii without the stress you just need to plan ahead and work with seasoned professionals. If you work with great people they will ask you the type of questions you hadn’t thought of, making it easy to plan way ahead and avoid any hiccups.





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