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Where to Get Married in Hawaii

Aloha and welcome to Where to Get Married in Hawaii.

We want to help you choose the best island for getting married in Hawaii by looking at important factors that will have an impact on your island choice. Let’s look at key factors impacting which island you choose to get married on in Hawaii such as: rainfall, population, and number of beaches that can be used for ceremonies.

To determine the best place to get married in Hawaii we looked at three key factors:

1.       Rain

2.       Population

3.       Number of beaches for ceremonies

Rainfall:  By Island

You do not want rain on your wedding day! Let’s do a little research to find the Hawaiian Islands getting the least amount of rain in key beach wedding areas.  Since a picture says a thousand words, please take a look at the rainfall map of the islands below.

Where to get married in Hawaii weather Infographic

As you can see from the map, red and orange areas get the least amount of rainfall and would be great locations for beach weddings.

The rainfall map above shows Maui and The Big Island getting the least amount of rain. One problem, the Big Island is the newest of all of the islands and still forming, leaving it fewer beaches compared to the other islands. Many of The Big Island’s beaches are more like gravel or small stones, not actual sand.

On the other side of the coin, the majority of Maui’s beaches are located in the red and orange low rainfall zones. Maui’s beaches are easily accessible and usually quite uncrowded for a morning or sunset wedding ceremony.

Kauai’s Mount Waiʻaleʻale is notable for extreme rainfall, having the highest average annual rainfall on Earth with 460 inches (12,000 mm). This obviously is not the location for your wedding on Kauai, but it isn’t one of the lushest islands in the chain for lack of heavy rain.

Oahu also gets its fair share of rainfall. The majority of the island is denoted by the yellow 30-40 inch annual rainfall totals. It has plenty of beaches, but the amount of rainfall greatly exceeds that of Maui and the Big Island.

I don’t want to go to crazy on the rainfall issue, but when guests are coming from thousands of miles away and taking time off work, you can only reschedule your wedding so many times before key guests may have to get back home.


When you think about where to get married in Hawaii you may not have population density on your mind, however the islands population plays a dramatic factor in the intimacy of a beach wedding. Please take  a look at the stats below.

Oahu: 953,207 (as of 2010)   Island Size: 596.7 sq mi (1,545 km2)

Maui: 144,444 (as of 2010)     Island Size: 727.2 sq mi (1,883 km2)

Big Island: 185,079 (as of 2010)   Island Size: 4,028.0 sq mi (10,432 km2)

Kauai:  65,689 (as of 2008)  Island Size: 562.3 sq mi (1,456 km2)

If you want an intimate beach wedding, from the stats above, you may want to go for Maui, The Big Island or Kauai. Oahu’s immense population compared with its size can really make it feel like a crowded bustling island city. Add in Oahu’s additional tourist population of 4.7 million annual visitors and beach locations become extremely busy.

Amount of beaches for ceremonies

Oahu has the most beaches but they are crowded making it nearly impossible to have an intimate ceremony on the beach.

Maui has the second greatest amount of beaches available for weddings. The beaches are usually much less crowded during peak ceremony times of morning and sunset

Kauai has the right amount of beaches for ceremonies, but is quite unpredictable in regards to rainfall.

The Big Island is calm and serene but does not have a good amount of quality beaches for weddings


So Which Island will provide you with the Ultimate Hawaii Wedding Experience

The best island for getting married in Hawaii, with the least chance of rain on your wedding day, the most intimate beach wedding locations and the most beaches to choose from is Maui.

King Kamehameha, the ruler of all the Hawaiian islands said, “Maui No ka ‘Oi”, meaning Maui is the Best.


Take a look at the beautiful sites at the top of the page to find the perfect professionals for your Maui wedding package, vow renewal, wedding photography and helpful information on beach locations for getting married in Hawaii.

Aloha from all of us at Where to Get Married in Hawaii!

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